The Orin Difference

Orin has been in business for over 20 years and has offices throughout Europe, the UK and the US. We care about our community, our customers and in providing quality in all that we do. We’ve won awards several different years as a top employer in our parent company for the care we show our employees.

With over 200,000 of our devices in the hands of our customers and medical and health professionals, we are very familiar with how to produce a quality device at a price that makes this most vital of advanced healing technologies available to many.

And that is just part of the Orin difference.

We chose the best in the field to help develop our devices. Designed in collaboration with Dr. Jiří Jeřábek, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences since 2006 who is known for his research in magnetic therapy, along with using the patented NTS (never the same) technology for the delivery of the pulsed electromagnetic fields, Orin produces some of the finest PEMF devices available today. The technology is unique in the way the frequencies that are used modulate so that each individual use of the device is different within the frequency range of the program.

Our bodies are made up of complex systems that work together. The body is constantly trying to adapt to the existing environment and make adjustments to compensate. Often treatments (which include drugs, exercise and even certain therapies) can be seen to plateau – meaning the beneficial effects are no longer being created and no change is now happening.

Our devices, by utilizing the patented NTS technology, avoid this plateau condition ensuring our bodies do not get used to any particular frequency and block the beneficial effects so that healing and pain reduction can continue to occur.

And when you compare quality and features to price, it is clear that Orin leads the field in the best quality and support for the best price of any PEMF devices available today.