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I offer all of my patients this therapy and use the device to compliment my care.  If anyone has an injury to their back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle, anywhere in their body, I use the device to make it easier for their treatment.

It calms the area down so that when I take them through their therapy it makes it easier and less painful to get the body corrections needed.  It helps them recover faster, especially when they come to me with fractures and after a surgery.

I recently started using it for women with menstrual cramps.  I’m finding that 15 – 20 minutes after using the Theramag device, their symptoms are gone.

Dr. Matt Erickson

Body Right Chiropractic,

The reason I support these devices is they have been used routinely in clinics throughout the Czech Republic for things such as wound healing, arthritis, joint problems, musculoskeltal problems, almost every rehab center has one because they do make huge differences in a patients recovery.

Dr. William Pawluk, MD

well-known PEMF expert