I’ve had diabetes for many years and began suffering from numbness in my feet and legs.  I live in Indiana where diabetes is a common problem.  My daughter became concerned and suggested I try a Bemer PEMF therapy device her friend had to help with my numbness.  Well I did try that machine and could tell it had helped me a little bit.  I decided I should be using PEMF therapy at home and needed to get my own therapy machine.  I checked on purchasing a Bemer but the price was about $4000!  Somehow in checking around I came across your Orin website and I purchased the Ulticare LT-99 for much less money but the same strength and features.  And I liked the fact that you have a 3 year warranty.  I’m writing you because I lent my device to a friend who has failed to return it and I won’t be without it for any length of time.  Can you please ship another device to me as soon as possible?

Thank You!



Anthony A

Diabetes Sufferer