My name is Ric Józsefné and my wife and I bought the pulsed magnetic therapy unit approximately 4 years ago to help with our joint pain.  Both she and I have suffered from arthritis and pain in our hands.  Since receiving the PEMF unit, (more…)

R.J – Joint pain gone and we no longer need painkillers

I have been suffering from back and spinal pain for over 10 years. When my back pains were joined by new pain in the shoulder area, the situation got even worse. Since I knew about Orin (my inlaws already bought a device from you), I ordered the UltiCare Maxi (more…)

B.J. Back pain sufferer no longer with Orin PEMF Biotorus use

I am a 73-year-old retiree. I have been involved in being part of many product demonstrations and listening to lectures on health care. Three years ago I came into contact with Orin and the special UltiCare Maxi LT-99 PEMF device. (more…)

T.G. – 73 year old with rheumatism feel healthy today after using Ulticare Maxi

Dear Orin, I am writing to thank you for supplying your PEMF equipment for use by our team and to let you know the positive results I have experienced since using your Ulticare Maxi device. (more…)

Lyn Stewart-Ashley – Back pain relief after nothing else would work using Ulticare Maxi

Many thanks for the opportunity to try the Orin BioTorus for 30 days to see if it could help with my shoulder injury and blood pressure. I am pleased to report that the BioTorus has had a positive effect on both conditions. (more…)

Peter Lay – BioTorus – shoulder injury and blood pressure success!

Dear Orin! We've used the PEMF (UltiCare and BioTorus) devices for a few months, 2x every day. There were significant improvements to our health after just 2 weeks, mainly at the hip joints. (more…)

Peter Francis – I now have feeling in my leg after over 20 years!!

In March 2014, I purchased the UltiCare LT-99 Maxi device from ORIN. I bought the device to ease my back pain and pain in my knees because I wanted to be able to work my garden again and to move freely without any painful discomfort. (more…)

M.K. – I used it for my knee pain and immediately the pain started to go away

Dear Orin, To begin with, I'd like to send you warm greetings and to wholeheartedly thank you personally for your healing PEMF device, the BIOTORUS, and for the opportunity to meet the employees (more…)

Peter Bartos – Hockey star who uses Orin Biotorus to recover quickly & stay healthy

Captain HC Kosice

Members of the Silver Medal Slovakia Olympic Canoe team, composed of Richard Riszdorfer, Michal Riszdorfer, Erik Vlcek, Juraj Tarr, who won (more…)

Olympic Silver medalists use Orin PEMF technology for healing & cellular regeneration

Members of the Silver Medal Slovakia Olympic Canoe team

Orin's PEMF device, the Biotorus LT-100, has been used by our hockey club for the past six months. Its analgesic muscle relaxant effects on the musculoskeletal system have been used by and helped many (more…)

Champion Hockey Team uses Orin Biotorus PEMF device to keep team healthy

MD., FDR Hospital

I have been using the Ulticare LT-99 for a year. I use it every day and it has created miracles for my body. I purchased it after my back surgery kept me in constant pain. The PEMF therapy from (more…)

Anna Šišková – Ulticare Maxi has created miracles for my body

film and theater actress

Hi everyone, My name is Monika Svecova (35). I have been diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. It affects blood circulation mainly in my lower limbs and the resulting stiffness caused me great discomfort. (more…)

Monica Svec – Relief from the effects of progressive multiple sclerosis using PEMF

Dear Orin, I was a finalist in the reality TV show "Million Dance." During this dance competition I had an accident while dancing. I had a torn ligament and a blood clot in the knee. (more…)

Stefan – Dance finalist saves career with Ulticare Maxi after docs gave him little hope

Million Dancer

Thank you for your help and support during the world championship we just finished.  Your PEMF device Ulticare LT-99, was a great help for our team during the championship.  (more…)

Dr. Jean-Marcel Ferret, team Dr. for French Woman’s soccer team uses Orin PEMF

Doctor for the French football team

ORIN is hereby thanked by Slovakia for your healing device, the Ulticare LT-98, which contributed to improving the health status of the President of the Slovak Republic.  (more…)

Jozef Širotňák thanks Orin for improving the health of the President of the Slovak Republic

Director of Regional Offices

Dear Orin, Since 2005 our clinic has used your device Ulticare LT 99 for patients diagnosed with Coxarthrosis (osteoarthritis of the hip joint) and Bechterew (also called Spondylitis ankylosans – a stiffening rheumatoid inflammation of the spine). (more…)

Health Clinic Director – Ulticare Maxi helps our Spondylitis ankylosans patients

Medical Center Debrecen, III

Hello, on behalf of all patients with multiple sclerosis, I would like to thank you for the donations of an Ulticare PEMF therapy device to our clinic.  I've personally used this device for the past month. After two weeks, I felt pain relief in (more…)

Veronika – relief from multiple sclerosis using Ulticare PEMF therapy device

President, Multiple Sclerosis Group New Locks

The swelling in my husband's legs went down after just 20 minutes! My husband, 72, has multiple serious health conditions and as a result was unable to utilize the healthy food and vitamins that I made sure he was eating. (more…)

Mary – the swelling in my husband’s legs went down after just 20 minutes.

I'm a 69-year-old male who suffers from diabetes and the beginning signs of Parkinson's which manifest as trembling hands. I am also a musician who was able to play (more…)

JW – My Parkinson symptoms were noticeably less after 4 days

I bought the Ulticare Maxi to help my girlfriend but wasn't actually using it until recently.... My girlfriend suggested I purchase an Ulticare Maxi to help me with the pain in my back. After the third time, she asked me I told her I would, (more…)


, Tampa, FL.

I recently took a tumble and landed hard on my tailbone, re-injuring an old fracture from about 10 years ago. I learned from the first injury there was nothing doctors could do except give me pain medication and bed rest. (more…)


Retired pharmacist

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