Orin’s pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy devices are recognized for being the highest quality for the best price.

More than 160,000 Orin customers have: reduced or eliminated pain, healed faster and returned to health, all without the use of drugs.

And you can too!

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Orin’s PEMF devices beat our competition in power and features for the price. Compare and see for yourself!

Powerful Features & Benefits Are Packed Into Every Device We Sell


Our PEMF devices offer powerful, healing therapy, up to 150 Gauss, to help in achieving faster results.


Orin products deliver the best quality, better power for the best price. Compare our devices and see for yourself.

Patented NTS Tech

FDA registration number: 3011422319 Our European patented NTS technology ensures the body receives the therapeutic frequencies for maximum results


Orin PEMF devices come preprogrammed for easy use + can also be customized for specific conditions.

Dr. Jiří Jeřábek

Renowned scientist and pioneer in magnetic therapy & member of the New York Academy of Sciences, helped in our development.


Our devices come with a 30 day money back guarantee + a 36 month warranty. We support all of our devices through education and fast response.

Theramag Pro

starting at $4,899

Our professional PEMF therapy device, the Theramag Pro, is the choice of hundreds of health providers throughout Europe and the US because of its effective ability to treat a wide range of health conditions and unlimited number of customized programs and frequencies for specific therapies.

4 built in programs + grouped frequency pulsed bursts up to 99 Hz


Very simple to use. Educational support available 7 days a week.


Treat 2 areas of the body or 2 patients a the same time.


Home & Clinic Devices

Ulticare Maxi, Ulticare Mini and Biotorus were all designed to work both at home and in a clinic/office setting. To find out more about each device visit our products pages.

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What can PEMF do for you?

In this video you’ll discover how pulsed electromagnetic fields work with your body to: –  Reduce pain, inflammation, and the effects of stress on the body. –  Improve energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation, sleep quality, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. –  Improve uptake of nutrients, cellular detoxification and the ability to regenerate cells. –  Balance the immune system and stimulate RNA and DNA. –  Accelerate repair of bone and soft tissue. –  Relax muscles.
The reason I support these devices is they have been used routinely in clinics throughout the Czech Republic for things such as wound healing, arthritis, joint problems, musculoskeltal problems, almost every rehab center has one because they do make huge differences in a patients recovery. Dr. William Pawluk, MD

well-known PEMF expert

I use the device to compliment my care. If anyone has an injury to their back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle, anywhere in their body, I use the device to make it easier for their treatment. It calms the area down so that when I take them throught their therapy it makes it easier and less painful to get the corrections needed. It helps recover faster with fractures and with surgery. Recently started using it for gals with menstrual cramps. 15 – 20 minutes after using the device, the symptoms are gone. Matt Erickson, D.C.

Body Right Chiropractic

For years I have worked at a desk which has resulted in frequent lower back pain. I started using the Ulticare Maxi to help alleviate the pain and am very pleased with the results. I use it once or twice daily. Once before arising and once before I go to sleep. An unexpected benefit is in the morning I’ve noticed using the Maxi gives me a feeling of increased well-being and energy, and at night I am sleeping better. For a therapy that almost feels like nothing is happening when I use it, the results have been almost magical. I highly recommend it to everyone I know!! Linda Ferguson

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