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UltiCare LT-99

UltiCare LT-99

This is a device for body stimulation by means of the pulse magnetic field with low frequency. Its advantage lies in the effects on pain, reduces muscle tension,  improves blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory effects, improves cells function, improves absorption of nutriens, stimulates the immune system, improves sleep, improves cell and tissue metabolism, regenerates tissues.


Why UltiCare and what are its unique qualities compared to other devices?
  • it is the only device with the European NTS-technology patent, 
  • producer´s more than 20-year-long experience with the development and production of devices for the magnet therapy,
  • MUDr. Jeřábek CSc. a MUDr. Chvojka CSc. stood by the development of ULTICARE,
  • almost no malfunction – 36-month guarantee,
  • guarantee can be prolonged up to 72 months,
  • free consulting for ULTICARE via “Internet doctor” during the whole guarantee period ” 

Advantages of UltiCare

  • the device can be used through clothes, plaster or splint,
  • easy operation, suitable for seniors as well as children,
  • it can be also used if there are metal implants in the body,
  • treatment anywhere and anytime 365 days a year,
  • no side effects observed,
  • the treatment is absolutely safe,
  • automatic switch-off after the treatment procedure.
  • unique patented technology
  • eliminates body addictiveness to the pulse magnetic field
By the common magnet therapeutic devices (including „large” devices used in hospitals), a phenomenon occurs by a long-term application of the pulse magnetic field, when the body “gets used” to the magnetic field with the same frequency or recurrent frequency and then it doesn´t react to the pulse magnetic field properly and efficiently.
Therefore the producer of UltiCARe LT-99 and BioTorus LT-100 has developed and patented the new procedures of pulses generation which, as experience shows, increase the efficiency of the device. This means in practice that the generated frequencies never recur in the same way (Never The Same NTS). This is a unique technology and it is only used by UltiCARe.
We highlight this technology as this is a unique patent-protected device, no other similar device for treatment and rehabilitation with the pulse magnetic field uses this technology. Compared with similar devices or previous models, it´s bringing you a brand new higher quality.