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BioTorus LT-100

BioTorus LT-100

This is a device for body stimulation by means of low frequency pulsed electro magnetic field (PEMF). PEMF's advantage lies in how this therapy effects pain, reduces muscle tension, improves blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory effects, improves cell function, improves absorption of nutrients, stimulates the immune system, improves sleep, improves cell and tissue metabolism, and helps in tissue regeneration.

What are the main advantages of BIOTORUS LT-100?
  • Unique construction – it weighs only 850 grams,
  • Optional connection the external (outer) applicator so that the device can be used by two people or in two different areas at the same time,
  • Different operation program can be used for each applicator,
  • Continuous regulation of the magnetic field intensity (power) allowing to use the device also by people who are sensitive to the magnetic field or by small children where low intensity suffices, 
  • The therapy length can be set from 20 to 60 minutes as needed or according to the diagnose,
  • Healing impact of the magnetic field of 45 cm from the centre of the device (healing effects cover larger area of the body than other devices do),
  • NTS-technology, protected by the European patent,
  • Free consulting.
  • FDA registration number: 3011422319

Due to a brand new construction, practical devices have been developed that can be connected to the proven set of devices Ulticare LT-99 (B1C circle applicator or a brand new device BioTorus LT-100).
BioTorus LT-100 or the B1C circle applicator can be used especially as an applicator on limbs, being more effective deep in muscles and joints. Putting on one´s neck leads to a perfect exposure of the cervical spine.
Typical application of BioTorus or B1C applicator
Exposure of lower limbs – feet, toes, ankles, heels
Reason: sprain, bad mobility, pains, bone spur, diabetic foot, fracture etc.
Application: Put the B1C applicator (torus) on the ground, and in the sitting position step in the middle of the applicator with the particular foot (or both). Barefoot is the best. The toes can be reaching up to the body of the applicator. Not only the foot is exposed intensively, there is also sufficient exposure of the calf part up to the knees. This is how the vasodilatory effect (better blood circulation in the affected tissue) is being multiplied as it comes to the expansion of the blood vessels also in the area through which the affected area is supplied with blood. If the vasodilatory effect is not dominant for the treatment, the applicator can be used from the top for the ends of the feet in the lying position.
Exposure of lower limbs– knees, calves, thighs
Reason: swellings or pain in the knee joints, osteoarthritis, posttraumatic conditions, lower mobility, fractures, muscle problems etc.  
Application: Put the torus on the leg or both legs so that the plane of the applicator intersects the painful area. However, the perpendicularity of the plane to the axis of the limb doesn´t have to be kept. By a stout figure the torus does not have to be put on the limb. The healing effect will be achieved by putting the torus on the affected area from the top, e.g. in the lying position.
The perfect exposure of the knee joints can be achieved by putting the torus from the top on bent knees. It´s also possible to holding the applicator with a hand, then we also carry out prevention of the lowered mobility of small joints on fingers and wrist perhaps even the carpal tunnel syndrome.
Exposure of the cervical spine, head, chest
Reason: Cervical spine pain, related headaches, migraine, toothache, trigeminal nerve pain, periodontitis, sight problems, inner ear inflammation, sinusitis, tinnitus, asthma…
Application: In the sitting position, put the torus on the neck and you can also hold it with your hand. If exposure of the chest is desired too, it can be hung on the neck as well. Lying position is very comfortable when we put the torus under the pillow. As for the distribution of the pulse magnetic field mentioned above, you don´t have to put the applicator (torus) directly to the affected area on patient´s body.
Exposure of the upper limbs – finger, wrist, forearm
Reason: lower mobility of small joints of fingers and wrists, Carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, muscle fatigue, fractures etc.
Application: Put the affected arm or both arms through the torus from below and grab it so that the other side of the applicator remains on the forearm. In this case the arm is exposed from the fingers up to the elbows.
Exposure of the upper limbs – elbow, shoulders
Reason: tennis elbow, frozen shoulders, other pain, swellings, muscle fatigue, fracture etc.
Application: Hang the torus on the shoulder of the affected arm and fix it by lowering one´s arms. The arm is exposed from the elbow to the shoulder in this position. The side effects are the preventive exposition of the chest and spine, support of  the immune system and improvement of the cell metabolism.
Exposure of the whole upper limb
Reason: low blood flow in the arm, problems with the arm mentioned above.
Application: Hang the torus on the shoulder of the affected arm and hold it with fingers of the same bent arm. In this position the whole arm is exposed from the fingers to the shoulder. 
Exposure of hip joints, pelvic area
Reason: pain by osteoarthritis of the hip joint, inflammation of the prostate, urinary bladder, Fallopian tubes, enuresis by children, osteoporosis, unfastening endoprosthesis etc.
Application: Put the torus on the lower limb up to the crotch or sit on the torus covered by a common cushion for more comfort. 
Exposure of the lumbar spine
Reason: lower back pain, inflammatory disease of the kidneys, renal colic etc.
Application: When sitting on the sofa or armchair, put the torus behind your back. You can also use a cushion for more comfort or put the torus behind the cushion of the sofa or the armchair if possible. You can also choose the position lying prone and put the torus on the lumbar part of the back. 
Exposure of the whole spine 
Reason: back pain, Bekhterew´s disease, supporting the immune system, better metabolism.
Application: When sitting on the sofa or armchair, put the torus in the centre of the back and fix the position by leaning through a cushion. You can also choose the position lying prone and put the torus on the middle part of your back.
Relaxation effects of the PMF
Reason: complete muscle and soul relaxation with soothing (lower) pulse magnetic field.
Application: Put the torus under the bed or sofa on which you lie. When lying on the back, you can put torus on your body also through a blanket. Apply three times (3x20min). Start with the torus in the upper third of the body and finish in the lower third.
  • Special applicator in the shape of a circle toroid – so called torus.
  • The body of the applicator is made of safe ABS plastic.
  • There is an electromagnetic system in the hollow of the applicator, which is created by a coil with the diameter of 32 cm.
  • This construction of the electromagnetic system allows to create the pulse electromagnetic field (PMF) with an optimum level of the induction in time. 
  • The highest values of the magnetic induction are in the inner circular surface of the applicator. 
  • The pulse magnetic field has a considerable scattering, it means that it reaches 32cm from the torus centre it is virtually in the shape of the spherical surface.
  • However, the pulse magnetic field is still strong enough in this distance for the application of the contactless electrotherapy.
Magnetic field distribution around the TORUS 

  • unique patented technology
  • eliminates body addictiveness to the pulse magnetic field
By the common magnet therapeutic devices (including „large” devices used in hospitals), a phenomenon occurs by a long-term application of the pulse magnetic field, when the body “gets used” to the magnetic field with the same frequency or recurrent frequency and then it doesn´t react to the pulse magnetic field properly and efficiently.
Therefore the producer of UltiCARe LT-99 and BioTorus LT-100 has developed and patented the new procedures of pulses generation which, as experience shows, increase the efficiency of the device. This means in practice that the generated frequencies never recur in the same way (Never The Same NTS). This is a unique technology and it is only used by UltiCARe.
We highlight this technology as this is a unique patent-protected device, no other similar device for treatment and rehabilitation with the pulse magnetic field uses this technology. Compared with similar devices or previous models, it´s bringing you a brand new higher quality.