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I use the device to compliment my care.

I use the device to compliment my care.  If anyone has an injury to their back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle, anywhere in their body, I use the device to make it easier for their treatment.  It calms the area down so that when I take them throught their therapy it makes it easier and less painful to get the corrections needed.  It helps recover faster with fractures and with surgery.  Recently started using it for gals with menstrual cramps.  15 - 20 minutes after using the device, the symptoms are gone.

Dr. Matt Erickson, Body Right Chiropractic

Since 2005 our clinic has used the gift of healing from your device Ulticare LT 99.

Dear Orin,

Since 2005 our clinic has used the gift of healing from your device Ulticare LT 99.

We use the device for patients diagnosed with Coxarthrosis (osteoarthritis of the hip joint) and Bechterew (also called Spondylitis ankylosans – is a stiffening rheumatoid inflammation of the spine). Based on feedback from patients, we can state that the Ulticare LT-99 helped by improving the musculoskeletal system, making it easier for patients to perform daily work. We still have more ill patients who are receiving the benefits of treatment by this method. We believe in the future this device will be used in other clinics to help the many patients who can be successfully treated.

Csarnainé Palos Rita, Medical Center Debrecen, III
Physical Therapy Clinics

This therapy has allowed me to reduce my daily dose of medication.

Dear Orin,

On behalf of all patients with multiple sclerosis at the club 'SM New Locks', I would like to thank you for Ulticare PEMF therapy device.

I have personally used this device for the past month. After two weeks, I felt pain relief in my soft muscle tissue and the small joints of my hands. Over time the pain subsided more and I felt a tingling in the tibia and forearm. The therapy also alleviated the migraine headaches I commonly experienced. I also experienced some relief for the need for frequent urination, and it is now not as common as it was previously.

This therapy has allowed me to reduce my daily dose of medication.

Once the month passed the unit went to other members of our MS Group and I am looking forward to the time when I can use the unit again.

Once again I want to thank you for myself and for all of the group members of 'SM New Locks' and I wish you a lot of success and a lot of satisfied customers.

Veronika Frndová, President, Multiple Sclerosis Group New Locks

Stefan Chlebo, professional dancer http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1364363/fullcredits?ref_=tt_ov_st_sm

Dear Orin Company,

I was a finalist in the reality TV show "Million Dance." During this dance competition I had an accident while dancing. I had a torn ligament and a blood clot in the knee. The doctors gave little chance for me to continue my dance career. After the surgery, made necessary by my injuries, doctors estimated rehabilitation period of at least six months.

My friends recommended the device Ulticare LT-99, treatment method of the 21st century. After the first day of using Ulticare I felt a release in my knee. The pain began to subside after a week of use and my leg became more flexible.

After regular use of the therapeutic device I surprised my doctors when I arrived for a checkup without the aid of crutches! My hopes to return to dancing earlier than what they estimated for my rehabilitation started coming true.

Today it is only a month since my surgery and I have led several dance performances, all done without any pain. It is for this that I want to thank Orin for bringing to market the Ulticare LT-99.

I recommend you purchase it and to discover for yourself how it helps you get rid of the pain.


Stefan Chlebo, Million Dancer

French Football Federation Women's National Team thanks Orin

The French Football Federation Women's National Team https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/France_women's_national_football_team

Thanks Orin for the Ulticare LT-99

Dear Sirs,

Please accept my cordial greetings. Let me belatedly thank you for your help and support during the world championship.

Your device Ulticare LT-99, based on the principle of pulsed electro magnetic fields, helped our team during this time.

Unfortunately we were not able to meet with you in person, but all of the players and management of the French team wanted me to express my thanks for your efficiency and availability.

We hope to meet soon and discuss possible further cooperation with your company.

Dr. Jean-Marcel Ferret, Doctor for the French football team

Former President of the Slovak Republic thanks Orin for improving his health

Former President of the Slovak Republic Rudolf Schuster PhD.

Office of the President of the Slovak Republic
Regional Branch Košice

ORIN is hereby thanked by Slovakia for your healing device, the Ulticare LT-98, which contributed to improving the health status of the President of the Slovak Republic.

Jozef Širotňák, Director of Regional Offices

I use the BIOTORUS LT-99 for back pain and other injuries. It's my "doctor" who accompanies me to every game.

Peter Bartos, the captain of the hockey club HC Kosice, Slovak champion in the season 2010/2011 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Barto%C5%A1

(translation of original letter received by our parent company)

Dear friends,

To begin with, I'd like to greet you all warmly today. I'd like to wholeheartedly thank you personally for your healing PEMF device BIOTORUS, and for the opportunity to meet the employees of the Orin Group Slovakia. Unfortunately my club responsibilities did not allow me the time to do this personally.

Playing hockey this season was very difficult and hard on me physically, and I frequently came home sore and bruised after a game. In February p. Ing. Strukan introduced me to your treatment unit as well as how it might aid in shortening my recovery time from my injuries. I have been using the BIOTORUS LT-99 since 11.02.2011 especially for back pain, groin, knees, and my pushing muscles. It's my "doctor" who accompanies me to every game. From past experience I can state that the unit I use has really proved its worth and should not be missing from the hand luggage any top sportsman.

To end this letter, I wish you good health, personal and professional success.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Bartos, Captain HC Kosice

Members of the Olympic Silver Medal Slovak Canoe Team use BioTorus LT-100

Members of the Silver Medal Slovakia Olympic Canoe team, composed of Richard Riszdorfer, Michal Riszdorfer, Erik Vlcek, Juraj Tarr, who won at the Olympics in Beijing in the final speed canoeists K4 1000m have been using Orin BioTorus LT-100 since February 2011 for healing and cellular regeneration.

From left: Michal Riszdorfer, Juraj Tarr, Erik Vlcek and Richard Riszdorfer (picture on http://www.orin.sk/referencie/vip/)

The biggest benefit is accelerated healing after an injury allowing players to return to the field earlier

Orin's PEMF device, the Biotorus LT-100, has been used by our hockey club 'HKM Zvolen' for the past six months. Its analgesic muscle relaxant effects on the musculoskeletal system have been used by and helped many of our players speed healing and overcome issues with pain. Most of them have repeated injuries that are very common in this kind of sport and often require a relatively long recovery time. We most often use the Biotorus LT-100 in combination with the Ulticare LT-99 for back pain, after injuries (contusions, sprains, strains, partial rupture, after fractures, muscle spasms, and other pain from injusries). One of our players uses it in the treatment of his painful hip, another for shin contusions, for injuried heels, after tibial fractures, and for treating a sore groin. It is used as a separate therapeutic modality or as a supplement to medical therapy or long term therapy. Its great advantage is the simple operation that can handle every person in our club. In using these devices therapeutically, we have not experienced any adverse effects. The biggest benefit of the device the Biotorus and Ulticare is how they accelerate the healing of our players after an injury or operation or those with painful conditions, thus allowing them an earlier return to the game.

HKM ZVOLEN as champion hockey major league 2013 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HKm_Zvolen

Joseph Breznický MD., FDR Hospital
HKM Zvolen Club Doctor

I've used the Ulticare LT-99 for a year and it has created miracles for my body!

Anna Šišková film and theater actress

I have been using the Ulticare LT-99 for a year. I use it every day and it has created miracles for my body. I purchased it after my back surgery kept me in constant pain. The PEMF therapy from Ulticare LT-99 calmed my back pain and I was able to return to work because of it. If I happen to catch a cold or do too much to stress my back I simply turn on a stronger program or use it several times a day to handle the problem. Using Ulticare I feel the effects of the device immediately. I thank the ORIN company for developing a device that helps me maintain a better quality of life, free of pain.

Anna Šišková film and theater actress

After using the Ulticare LT-99 my circulation and stiffness started improving.

Hi everyone,

My name is Monika Svecova (35). I have been diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. It affects blood circulation mainly in my lower limbs and the resulting stiffness caused great discomfort. After reading about the Ulticare LT-99 I thought I would give it a try to see if it would help me. I started to use Ulticare LT-99 3x a day on the P1 frequency and have continued with it for some time now. I have noticed changes in my body. My circulation and stiffness started improving. I will carry on using Ulticare LT-99 for the relief I experience from this therapy. I am looking at the other Orin products to use with the Ulticare, as I am very pleased with my results so far. As there is no cure for MS yet, any improvements to our lives will only help and I am impressed that I don't need a doctor's permission. Anybody can use it.

Monica Svec

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Monica Svec

I am extremely pleased with the results

Dear Sir
Re: Ulticare LT-99 PEMF device

I am writing to thank you for supplying the above equipment and to advise you of the benefits that I have experienced during the period that I have been using the Ulticare LT99 Magno Device. During the last ten years I have been suffering from lower back pain and stiffness of the neck due to a particularly bad fall while I was riding a horse. I experienced inflammation of the sacroiliac joint resulting in pain and stiffness which at times was very debilitating. I started using the LT-99 Equipment two weeks ago on a daily basis and after trying many others types of therapy including massage, acupuncture and chiropractic treatment. I have been extremely pleased at the positive effect this equipment has had on my symptoms. I feel less stiff in the mornings which has improved my mobility during the day. Also this has reduced the amount of pain and discomfort I have been experiencing and has therefore reduced the amount of anti-inflammatory medication I have previously taken to manage my symptoms. Because of these excellent results I've experienced, I would have no problem in recommending the LT99 PEMF Equipment to other sufferers of back pain and discomfort and would suggest that trying this painless, simple method of therapy can have a very positive outcome. Once again I would like to thank you for providing me with a simple solution to my back pain and discomfort.

Yours fathfully, Lyn Stewart-Ashley
Lyn Steward-Ashley

Has had a positive effect on my shoulder injury and blood pressure

Many thanks for the opportunity to try the Orin BioTorus for 30 days to see if it could help with my shoulder injury and blood pressure. I am pleased to report that the BioTorus has had a positive effect on both conditions. My shoulder has improved to that extent that I can comfortably enjoy a game of darts, something I could not do prior to using the device. In relation to my blood pressure , I have been on medication for this for several years but using tablets alone, struggle to keep my diastolic level below 100. While using the BioTorus this reading dropped by between 8 and 15%.

Once again many thanks for allowing me to try the device and experience the positive results from the treatment.

Yours Faithfully,
Peter Lay

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Peter Lay

Significant improvements were noticeable after 2 weeks

Dear Orin!
We use the PEMF (UltiCare and BioTorus) devices for a few months, 2x every day. Significant improvements were noticeable after 2 weeks, mainly at the hip joints. I'd had a numb left leg since the age of 20, and it was almost completely insensitive. I received 140 injections, 12 different types, to try and help this condition. And yet it remained very weak and I dragged my leg when I walked. I never found out what caused this problem in my leg (stroke or muscular injury?).

Then I started PEMF therapy using both the UltiCare LT-99 and BioTorus devices.

Today my left leg completely fine. Moreover, now I can say that my left leg is better than the right one! I can walk more, around 1-2 miles per day as well! My wife's spine problem has improved, starting after the very first treatment she experienced easier movement. Despite the fact that her vertebrae was substantially sliding and two vertebral ruptures had been diagnosed, her pain has lessened. Her fingers were painful from arthritis and her hip hurt as well. As I said, the pain was eased after the first few treatments! These PEMF devices make the days easier for both of us.

Thank you,
Francis, Peter and his wife

Peter Francis

Very satisfied with its effects on pain

In March 2014, I purchased the UltiCare LT-99 device from ORIN. I bought the device to ease my back pain and pain in the knee area as I wanted to be able to work my garden again and to move freely without any painful discomfort. I used the device daily: in the course of three months, I repeatedly placed the device on my spine and knees and gradually increasing the stimulating setting from P1 to P3. Almost immediately, the pain started to go away, until it disappeared altogether. I started feeling much better and could work and enjoy movement! Today, I use the stimulating therapy whenever needed and it always helps. I give myself regular preventive sessions and it helps me avoid any further problems. Additionally all three members of our family use the device as well and we are all very satisfied with its effects on pain of the spine and other parts of the body.


To date, one of the most effective devices that I've used!

I am a 73-year-old retiree. I have been involved in being part of many product demonstrations and listening to lectures on healthcare. Three years ago I came into contact with ORIN and the special UltiCare LT-99 device. I feel free to declare that in my experience I have not ever known such a great and effective medical device. Because of pain issues, I had to go to physiotherapy treatments with my wife for several years and the therapy reduced the pain for a short time but there was no lasting effective results! Ever since we bought the UltiCare LT-99 our rheumatism and musculo-skeletal problems are resolved. I mean, headache, spine, back, neck, elbow, knee, shoulder, hip and joint pain. We use the unit from toe to head for every part of our body. The low-frequency magnetic fields can help stabilize our blood circulation as well. We can state based on over the three years experience that we chose well when we bought Ulticare device. This device is one of the most effective devices to date! No need to go to the hospital for rheumatology treatments. Back home in our apartment we can effectively manage our health problems. People with diabetes can also use it. It will not cure diabetes but stabilizes insulin levels and keeps them level. Due to the positive changes in health my wife and I have both experienced, we feel we can recommend it to everyone and the device price pays for itself both in savings for treatments and for the lasting effects.


My shoulder pain has simply gone away

I have been suffering from back and spinal pains for over 15 years. When those pains were joined by pain in the shoulder area, the situation got even worse. Since I knew about ORIN (my wife already bought a device from you), I ordered the UltiCare LT-99 and BioTorus LT-100 devices to ease my own pain. I bought it in July of last year and have been using it ever since. I lie down on the PEMF pad and place the BioTorus ring on my shoulder. The whole therapy lasts only 30 minutes, after which my wife uses the device for another 30 minutes. The big advantage is that different modes can be set for the pad and the ring, according to your individual needs.

Ever since I started using these devices, my shoulder pain has simply gone away and I am confident my back problems will disappear as well soon. Also, my two sons who also happen to suffer from back pain appreciate the device very much whenever they come to visit.


Declared satisfaction

I am Riczu Józsefné. My husband and I live in Tokaj. We bought the pulsed magnetic therapy unit approx. 4 years ago and since then we use it regularly. We are pleased to share that since we began using the unit we no longer need painkillers. Our joint pain has disappeared, but in addition we were able to avoid other inflammatory diseases as well. We recommended the deivce to others and they also purchased it and have been happy they did and sometimes we will dend it to our acquaintances who also express their satisfaction with the results they receive after using it.


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