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Muscle Pain

We recommend using UltiCare LT99 for muscle pain, especially for its muscle relaxing, anti-inflammatory and regeneration effects. The UltiCare LT99 has a vasodilating effect which can expand blood vessels and improve blood circulation in the tissues.

The muscular system and the skeleton are the basis of the locomotor system that is responsible for movement of particular parts of the body.  The strength of a muscle depends on the number of muscle fibers the muscle consists of. Muscles weaken through lack of physical activity. Increased activity of untrained muscles [or muscles after several colds leads to problems]. Strained muscles, painful muscle cramps, or even a torn muscle can occur by higher loading.
Muscle cramps are caused by an accumulation of lactic acid in muscles. This blocks muscle regeneration and pain occurs. Muscular pain can be also caused by many other factors, e.g. disorder of managing minerals (caused e.g. by lack of magnesium and potassium), blood circulation disorders, rheumatism, fever, wrong spine posture. Besides somatic causes, pain can be also induced by stress, anxiety and other adverse emotional conditions.
Inflammation of tendons appears as itching or a slight pain. Later the affected area is sensitive to touch and pain persists. A typical inflammation of tendon attachments on the shoulder is so called tennis elbow, with strong pain of the elbow joint. This occurs due to a unilateral loading that occurs by many activities (not only tennis). Overload leads to a microcirculation disorder (a problem with blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels) in the place where the tendon merges into the bone. Then the inflammation with its typical pain develops in the attachments.
Most inflammations and pain of tendons and muscles are usually caused by a sudden increase of muscular activity, insufficient warm-up and overload of the muscles before the loading (esp. in lower limbs), long-term overload of a certain group of muscles and tendon attachments, i.e. unilateral loading, as well as wrong shoes, sudden loss of muscles, dehydration, stress or weakened organism. This leads to the swelling of muscles, followed by pressure and pain.
Treatment and prevention of inflammation of tendons and muscles
The basis of the complex treatment of the inflammation of tendons and muscles is the treatment of the affected area and suppression of the inflammation. Very effective are physical treatment methods. The application supports blood circulation and helps the recovery and regeneration of cells. It soothes muscular pain, removes muscle cramps and the inflammation. The inflammation often leads to blocking and restriction of movement in the joint. Improvement of blood circulation and metabolic activities in the affected area help by healing of the joint. There is an advantage that physical methods can be combined with any healing method. In some cases corticosteroid injections are applied, they speed up the absorption of inflammation, but they also contribute to degeneration. Therefore physical treatment methods are a better choice.
An important part of the treatment is rehabilitation that should be focused on gradual relaxation and stretching of muscles, or unblocking of joints.

Well-balanced and valuable nutrition is an important part of prevention and treatment of health problems. Consumption of fresh vegetables, drinking of fruit juices and herbal teas help by inflammatory processes. There is an increased need for magnesium, potassium and calcium by increased body activity. Therefore their decrease should be compensated by increased consumption of food rich in these minerals.
Active movement is one of the most important activities for prevention of muscle problems and cramps. Muscles gain strength and flexibility with regular movement.
Recommendations for inflammation and pain of muscles and tendons:

  • reduce activities straining particular muscles and tendons
  • rehabilitation exercises, stretching of muscles
  • warm-up and stretching of muscles before activity
  • support of blood circulation with the help of polarized light
  • enough liquids

With this disease we recommend:

UltiCare LT-99

UltiCare LT-99

This is a device for body stimulation by means of the pulse magnetic field with low frequency. Its advantage lies in the effects on pain, reduces muscle tension, improves blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory effects, improves cells function, improves absorption of nutriens, stimulates the immune system, improves sleep, improves cell and tissue metabolism, regenerates tissues.

Benefits of device use

UltiCare LT-99

  • the device is one of two devices that use patented NTS-technology that guarantees non-addiction of the body to the therapy,
  • the device can be used through clothes, plaster casts or splints,
  • easy operation, suitable for both seniors and children,
  • safe to use with metal implants in the body,
  • you can use it anytime and anywhere 365 days of the year,
  • no side effects observed,
  • the treatment is absolutely safe,
  • automatic switch-off after the procedure.
  • FDA registration number: 3011422319