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Pain of facial nerve

We recommend UltiCare LT99 if you are experiencing pain and/or paralysis of the facial nerve. The pulse magnetic field of the device has anti-inflammatory effects and speeds up the process of regeneration. The device reduces the length of the therapy.
Facial nerve paralysis is recognized by a drooping mouth. The patient often cannot open or close an eye and one side of his face is paralysed. In other words, when he laughs, only the healthy part of the face can actually laugh. [It´s important to see the doctor when such symptoms occur because the paralysis can never be treated successfully, not even at an advanced stage.] It´s a damage of the facial nerve (nervus facialis), which is a cranial nerve comprising fibres to control mimic muscles of one half of the face, fibres for the tear gland and taste fibres in the front part of the tongue. Paralysis can be caused by airflow, as well as by various viral diseases, e.g. shingles in the ear.
Most people usually don´t suffer from any lasting negative effects after the paralysis of the facial nerve. The treatment usually lasts from two weeks up to three months on average, in some cases even longer. Rehabilitation including exercises, massages and electrical stimulation is very important.
It´s also recommended to relax physically and mentally, reduce facial movement and expressions (laughter, cry, speaking), avoid temperature changes and protect one´s face from cold air as well as from direct sun (sunbathing). Rehabilitation exercises should be also done at home several times a day, but remember not to overload the muscles.

With this disease we recommend:

UltiCare LT-99

UltiCare LT-99

This is a device for body stimulation by means of the pulse magnetic field with low frequency. Its advantage lies in the effects on pain, reduces muscle tension, improves blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory effects, improves cells function, improves absorption of nutriens, stimulates the immune system, improves sleep, improves cell and tissue metabolism, regenerates tissues.

Benefits of device use

UltiCare LT-99

  • the device is one of two devices that use patented NTS-technology that guarantees non-addiction of the body to the therapy,
  • the device can be used through clothes, plaster casts or splints,
  • easy operation, suitable for both seniors and children,
  • safe to use with metal implants in the body,
  • you can use it anytime and anywhere 365 days of the year,
  • no side effects observed,
  • the treatment is absolutely safe,
  • automatic switch-off after the procedure.
  • FDA registration number: 3011422319