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Potency disorders - Erectile dysfunction

We recommend to use BioTorus LT-100 if you suffer from erectile dysfunction for its vasodilating effect. As the pulse magnetic field expands the vessels, blood circulation and supply of oxygen in the pelvic area improves, BioTorus LT-100 also improves the ability to get and maintain an erection.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Potency disorder, impotence or erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to develop or maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction affects men in other ways than just in their own male sexuality. Emotions, insecurity, problems with partners and other aspects go hand in hand with erectile dysfunction. Even though ED usually affects older people, in most cases it isn´t an irreversible process of getting old.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction

So called psychogenic causes (emotional causes rather than a physical reason) do account for about 10% of all cases. The disease itself accounts for the other 90% of cases and affects some part of the body that is required for erection. These affected areas are usually blood vessels or nerves. This is due to the decrease of male hormones (androgens) common with older age.
Erectile dysfunction can be influenced by a number of disorders, e.g. diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the thyroid gland, prostate, nervous system, urinary system as well as nervous and mental diseases.
It can also be a side effect of taking certain drugs, e.g. against high blood pressure, stomach ulcers and others...
What should you avoid?

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is an enemy of potency, causes dying of sex cells, lowers the viability of sperms and disrupts the bonds between the brain and genitals. This causes that less hormones, which are required for a full erection, get into blood. Excessive alcohol consumption suppresses formation of androgens - male sex hormones.

  • Smoking

Nicotine hinders blood circulation and lowers the arterial pressure in the penis. Therefore it cannot be filled with blood when desired. Toxic substances from smoke inhibit the maturing of the sperms, which then lose mobility and the right shape. If you have decided to give up smoking, STOPNIK, a natural product, can help you, it contains substances that cause a distaste for cigarettes.

  • Cholesterol

Men with high levels of cholesterol have an above-average risk of impotence. Cholesterol plates clog vessels leading to penis and lower the blood pressure which is required for maintaining erection. If you want to lower the risk of an increased level of cholesterol, you should consume a lot of fruit, vegetables, wholegrain products, lean and only little saturated fats in butter, hard cheese, meat fat and skin from poultry.

  • High blood pressure - hypertension

 High blood pressure is one of the most frequent causes of the damage of vessels. It´s not just a loading on the heart, it also causes an excessive blood flow through the arteries, that leads to their hardening and narrowing. When this happens arteries are not able to transport enough blood into the organs. Lack of oxygen and nutrients causes damage of the organs, e.g. penis, which decreases their function. Damages of the vascular wall by high blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction.

  • Excess weight

Excess weight disrupts hormonal balance, what can lead to an insufficient production of hormones required for erection.

  • Chemical substances

American studies have proven that sixteen out of two hundred various drugs can cause impotence. Some of the most dangerous ones are drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, stomach ulcers, tumours, and some drugs used to treat allergies.

  • Therapy

One of the options are artificial drugs such as Viagra which has side effects, but they shouldn´t be taken if there is a safer alternative without side effects.


With this disease we recommend:

BioTorus LT-100

BioTorus LT-100

This is a device for body stimulation by means of low frequency pulsed electro magnetic field (PEMF). PEMF's advantage lies in how this therapy effects pain, reduces muscle tension, improves blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory effects, improves cell function, improves absorption of nutrients, stimulates the immune system, improves sleep, improves cell and tissue metabolism, and helps in tissue regeneration.

Benefits of device use

BioTorus LT-100

  • Unique construction – the device weighs less than 2 pounds
  • BioTorus LT-100 is designed so it can be used by two people or in two different areas on the body at the same time
  • Add a second applicator (the part of the device that looks like a hoop) and share with another person or have a different operation program for each applicator
  • The device is one of the two devices that own the patented NTS-technology
  • Continuous regulation of the magnetic field intensity (power) for individuals or children who may need a lower frequency
  • Variable therapy length can be set from 20 to 60 minutes according to your needs
  • The healing impact of the magnetic field extends out up to 18 inches from the center of the device (healing effects cover larger area of the body than other similar devices do)